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Giro Gamez logo.png
B2B Plug-n-Play Gaming Solutions for Retailers
One-Stop-Shop Digital Platform for Logistics.
Copernic Space - logo.png
Tokenizing and enabling the trade of space assets for companies and individuals.
Blockchain Enabled Re-Cycling.  Get rewarded for helping to save the planet from the ravages of plastic pollution.
Carbon neutral financial super app aimed at the NRI and immigrant market.
Blockchain-based cross-border alternative investment platform
AI Enabled SaaS Platform for Call Centre Operations.
Numarqe logo.png
SaaS credit platform that is transforming how mid-market companies access and utilise credit, underpinned by an AI-Driven dynamic credit engine. 
Etched logo.png
Global IP Protection Platform using AI-enabled Web3.
Fenix logo.png
AI-driven. Open-Source Intelligence Platform.
Nigeria based financial services banking and payments app.
ZP logo.png
Data centric AI technology company providing social media data analytics.
Vee logo.png
Challenge Based Platform Allowing Brands to Directly Engage Customers.
Digital Identity Screening.
Quinaryo logo2.png
Blockchain Powered ESG Reporting Solution
Pinwheel logo.png
PINWHEEL: Turning Sustainability Into a Competitive Advantage 
MYOR : AI-driven Preventative Paediatric Healthcare
World's First Gamified Digital Learning Academy.
Digital reality competition series – streaming 24/7 via its unique OTT entertainment platform.
Geomain logo.png
Geo-validated ID / Private Secure Digital Address for life.
Ribbon Life is a new digital, AI-enabled challenger in the Life Assurance market.
Female-led. Carbon Neutral. AI Driven. WealthTech Platform.
A-Reality logo.png
VR enabled EdTech platform for the creator economy.
MyTab logo.png
Helping Merchants Maximise Revenue Through a Dynamic Marketing Platform
Native logo.png
Creating the largest and most valuable Gen Z data platform.
Apia logo.png
Monetising the medical properties of honey.
Perfect Cellar.png
Tech enabled access to fine wines (#WineTech)
Workers Badge.jpg
Blockchain Credentials for the Worker Economy
RC Capital - logo.png
FinServices & Banking for SMEs in SE Asia.
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