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Have an opportunity that needs to be funded?

  • VC funding is the exception - not the norm.  Less than 1% of companies have raised funding from VCs. Less than 0.01% of companies have raised funding by submitting pitches to platforms.

  • We work on a non-exclusive basis - which reduces fulfilment risk for the portfolio company.

  • We work on a Success Fee only basis (i.e. no retainers, no marketing fees, no roadshow fees, etc.) - which reduces financial risk to the portfolio company.  

  • Success Fees are a % of capital raised and dependant upon if the company is pre-revenue or post-revenue.

  • We are interested in working with Seed - Series B companies.

  • Minimum raise amount is USD 1m. 

  • It always takes longer than you think - that's Hofstadter's Law.  Realistically, it takes 3-6 months to generate interest and raise capital (sometimes much longer). There is no quick solution. There is no magic formula. There are no gaurantees.

  • We work with 30+ new companies every year.

  • Are you part of on an incredible project and looking for funding?

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